These ‘Bridgerton’ Inspired Home Decor Ideas Are Suitable For A Queen

Let’s talk about Netflix’s lavish lifestyle Bridgerton. Between looking into the dreamy eyes of The Duke of Hastings and trying to find out who Lady Whistledown could be, you were busy admiring the decor of the Regency era. Whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a house, you can collect a few Bridgerton-show-inspired decor ideas to give your space the same high-society feel.

With some Bridgerton-Inspired decor touches, your space will begin to resemble the Bridgertons living room. Get embroidery hoops to decorate an empty wall or wisteria to hang on your windows. Designate a corner space for royal mirror selfies and be sure to incorporate some antique furniture to give it that Bridgerton atmosphere. You can even give your bedroom an accent wall with 19th century style wallpaper and picture frames.

If you’re obsessed with the show, you probably have plans for a rewatch. Your second visit can be a great opportunity to get decorating inspiration. You might even catch some of these Bridgerton-inspired decorative items that will transform your space faster than Lady Whistledown can bring back Ton gossip.

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Wisteria plants for your window

Give your windows a splash of color by hanging artificial wisteria vines from them. You will feel like you are taking a scenic walk through the Bridgerton Estate.


An antique mirror for your corner space

While browsing TikTok, you’ve probably seen videos of people with adorable corner space setups that are perfect for mirror selfies. Now is your chance to spruce up a corner in your own home, but with a Bridgerton to touch. You can achieve this by getting an antique mirror that looks like something Daphne would have in her bedroom.


A booster chair for sipping and spilling tea

Complete your corner space with a vintage accent chair. Get something comfy to snuggle up to while you sip tea and read the Bridgerton books ($ 17, Amazon). This velvet tufted chair comes in a variety of vibrant colors, so you can really choose something that matches the aesthetic of your room.


Antique photo frames for your favorite photos

Even your photo frames can get a Bridgerton makeover. Shop for 19th century style frames to hang some of your favorite photos. It might even be a great opportunity to have a Bridgerton-Inspirational photoshoot with your roommates to give you new content to showcase.


Vibrant floral wallpaper

Create an accent wall in your bedroom with this beautiful floral peel and stick wallpaper. It will instantly transform your space and give you a great backdrop for OOTD selfies.


An extra affectionate feather fan

Treat yourself to a fan of white feathers like Daphne’s. When not in use as a prop for photos, it can be displayed on your vanity for additional decor. This fan on Etsy comes in an assortment of shades to match your wallpaper or accent chair.


An embroidery hoop for sewing

Get your DIY in your accent chair with this embroidery hoop and learn a new craft. It can be a fun project to complete a project to display in your home. You can also check out the art of embroidery on Etsy ($ 53, Etsy) to hang on your walls or put on your nightstand.


A piano to play like Daphne

Sometimes a new decor can also mean a new hobby. If you wanted to learn to play the piano like Daphne, a Bridgerton the makeover is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to one.

They can be a bit pricey, but if you start saving now you’ll have enough funds in no time for a gorgeous piano to complement your space. If you don’t want to spend the money to buy a new one, take a look at the used ones in your area.

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