Renovate Your Homes This Diwali With All New Home Decor Ideas

Interior decoration is an important part of Diwali. The festival of lights is all about making your home clean and beautiful. The festival is celebrated to welcome Goddess Lakshmi into your home and be blessed with prosperity and happiness. Therefore, your home should be clean and bright in the best possible way to get the most blessings.

Start by cleaning your homes

Many homeowners get a full house cleaning and makeover on Diwali. Now is the time to inspect your home properly for damage and properly repair it. As Diwali comes after the monsoons, it also becomes an opportunity to check for any damage due to rain and mold.

You need to check your interiors as well as the exteriors to uncover any problem areas. Deep cleaning is the first step to do before painting a home or any home improvement activity. It will ensure that your paint job lasts longer and also reminds you of beauty for a long time. Get help from professionals and experts for cleaning and painting.

Once you are done cleaning your home properly, you can think about the best ways to decorate your home starting with the colors you choose to come up with stylish designs.

Festive color combinations

Colors play a very important role in the decoration of the house. Diwali is not only about the lights, but also about the bright and vibrant colors that light up your homes. Choose bright, warm colors for a cheerful spirit and a social vibe. Red, orange, and yellow are great colors that should be part of your decor. If you want to try something more modern and stylish, you can try new colors like rust, peach, and blush pink for a unique yet glamorous look.

Apart from that, you can also play around with some interesting color combinations. White and yellow can go wonderfully with warm, festive hues. Try to avoid colors that are too dark. However, you can use darker shades for accents and borders. Brown, black and dark green can give a nice defining effect to your lighter walls.

Consult it to find out the overall budget for your festive painting project.

Metallic textures

Textures are among the most modern ways to give your walls an elegant look. Ragged and rough textures can be added to some walls to give a warm and cozy look to the space. Diwali can be the perfect opportunity to add interesting metallic textures to your walls.

Metallic textures can give a shiny effect perfectly balanced by the rough surface of the texture. Hence, it is as glamorous as it is subtle. You can try textures like Dapple, Brushstrokes, and Colourwash with metallic orange, red, and brown undertones. These textures are sure to grab attention and add a fun and festive vibe to your home decor.

Explore your options with the and see what these shades will look like on your walls.

Vibrating stencils

If you want to add something unique and artistic to your wall, you must try Diwali Stencil Wall Art. Stencils are the most modern and smart way to give any wall a makeover. There are tons of options available and they are all very easy to use. The stencils are absolutely safe for the walls and you can even change them from time to time.

Several color options are available. For a perfect decor for the Diwali home, you can explore traditional and ethnic patterns to decorate your accent walls. Mandala stencils are extremely popular for Diwali. They give a rejuvenating look to your space and the beautiful details give a special quality to your walls.

You can also try floral stencils and subtle designs for bedrooms and other spaces. We can also try geometric patterns that often use several on the same wall. It will give a colorful and festive look to your modern home.

We hope all of these decorating ideas have inspired some innovative options to consider this Diwali. There are many ways to experiment with your walls. Colors, textures and stencils have several options and you can make your own choice. With Aapka Painter, you can put all these interior decorating ideas together in one place. Plus, you get great products in all price brackets. So what are you waiting for? Start your Diwali preparations now and start having fun!

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Posted on: Monday September 27, 2021 11:49 am IST

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