Home decor ideas to invest in now, depending on your style

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If you’re anything like us, you too probably have a Pinterest board tagged something like “Dream House” or “Interior Mood Board.” Here, chances are, all your favorite home decor ideas have been collected in hopes that one day they might finally become your reality.

What are you waiting for? Why not start creating your dream living space now? As far as we’re concerned, it’s never too early to start collecting timeless pieces.

Whether you love color, a beachy-boho vibe, or want to go for something more traditional, we’ve put together a sweet list of sublime home decor ideas, sorted specifically according to your interior style preferences. Don’t worry, we promise they aren’t sticky.

Decoration ideas for all styles

If you like a splash of color

Tiled bedside table, $723.47

This iconic tiled side table has blessed my screen many times over thanks to TikTok, and now, every interior-themed Pinterest board I’ve laid eyes on. So it’s safe to say that this baby is well and truly in when it comes to furnishing your bedroom, living room or hallway with this on-trend, offbeat aesthetic. Bonus points because they’re also available in a range of colors, so don’t worry if the green colorway won’t work in your space.

You can purchase the Tiled Nightstand ($723.47) on Etsy here.

Matisse wall prints, $27.07

These minimalist yet funky wall prints are an inexpensive way to elevate any room with a splash of color and character. Did we mention they’re only $27 a pop too? For the best style, we suggest getting your hands on a few of these babies and hanging them together to create a feature wall.

You can purchase the Matisse Wall Art Prints ($27.07) from Amazon here.

Handmade plaid rug, $211.74

As pictured, this gorgeous handmade plaid rug is another one of those things that instantly elevates any room (no matter what your other furniture looks like). So if you are just starting to build your collection of colorful decorations, we recommend starting here.

You can purchase the Handmade Plaid Rug ($211.74) from Etsy here.

Original candles, from $29.23

home decorating ideas

This on-trend decor list wouldn’t be complete without these funky candles. Not only are they made from vegan and organic soy wax, but they come in a bunch of colors and shapes to match the vibe of your living space. We like to put them on a coffee table book or on a bedside table next to a mushroom lamp.

You can purchase these quirky candles (from $29.23) on Etsy here.

Home Decorating Ideas for a French Provincial Style

Roman numeral metal wall clock, $65.19

There’s nothing quite like a rustic metal wall clock to lend a chic French Provincial vibe to any home living space. It also acts as a great accent against your existing white furniture.

You can purchase the Metal Roman Numeral Wall Clock ($65.19) from Amazon here.

Arched mirror in matte black wood, $249

Nothing screams French provincial more than a detailed arched mirror. Mirrors also give the illusion of a bigger space if you’re looking to expand your room without a full renovation.

You can buy the Matte Black Wood Mirror ($249) on eBay here.

Marble Flower Pot Sculptures, $39.45

home decorating ideas

Doubles as a plant or flower pot, these marble statues add a touch of luxury to any room they are placed in. Whether it’s on a bookcase or a hall table, it’s an instant game-changer.

You can purchase the Marble Flowerpot Sculptures ($39.45) on Etsy here.

Wood hallway entry side desk, $135.95

Sleek wood details and vintage handles on this hall table provide ample space to display or store your items. Your floor will also stay protected as this piece features non-slip feet, which are attached to each leg.

You can buy the Wood Hallway Entry Side Desk ($135.95) from Amazon here.

If boho-beach shack is more your vibe

Asher Rattan Headboard, $299

home decorating ideas

No comments other than this bed frame is the epitome of a bohemian piece. Get your hands on it. Now.

You can buy the Asher Rattan Headboard ($299) at Temple and Webster here.

Self-Hanging Shelves, $58.20

home decorating ideas

Adding to the bohemian feel, this attractive woven rope self-hanging shelf allows you to easily display plants, photo frames, candles or other stylistic pieces. If you are a tenant and are worried about ruining the wall, you can even support it with an adhesive hook.

You can buy the free-standing shelves ($58.20) from Amazon here.

Rust 100% Linen Bedding Set (Twin), $250

Soft as butter, pre-washed and built to last, this divine linen twin bedding set includes two standard pillowcases, one twin duvet cover, and one twin fitted sheet. And while the wires pictured are in warm, earthy rust, you can choose a different colorway depending on what suits your bedroom theme. Thanks later, friends.

You can buy the Rust 100% Linen Bedding Set ($250) at Bed Threads here.

Tufted cotton rug, $168.44

home decorating ideasCrafted from sustainably grown cotton, this rustic tufted rug stitched with durable metallic gold fibers offers both comfort and style. It also has the ability to break up cold tiles or expansive planks with something a little warmer in living or bedroom spaces.

You can purchase the Tufted Cotton Rug ($168.44) from Amazon here.

Decorating Ideas for Plant Parents

Corner plant shelf, $167.61

home decorating ideas

Display your beloved plant children in style with this rustic corner plant shelf. What is better? You can place them near a window for easy access to sunlight, or move them to a shady corner if your greens prefer a cooler climate.

You can purchase the Corner Plant Shelf ($167.61) from Amazon here.

Plant hangers, $19.99

If you already have enough plant stands and shelves to raise the national debt, try displaying your beautiful pots in this plant stand. These work best for weeping types of plants or ones that shouldn’t grow as much.

You can buy the plant hangers ($19.99) from Amazon here.

White ceramic vase, $49.99

If you’re a plant lover, chances are you’re also inclined to love a flower or two. If so, this minimalist yet elegant vase lets you display your favorite clusters anytime, anywhere.

You can purchase the White Ceramic Vase ($49.99) from Amazon here.

Pine wood crate bed, $364

Keeping with the rustic, natural theme that the plant-loving interior embodies, this simple pine crate bed is an obvious choice. This way, your baby plants will be the focus of your space while the rest of your furniture complements their lush greenery.

You can buy the Pine Wood Crate Bed ($364) at Temple and Webster here.

For more home decor ideas and interior hacks (especially for those of you on a budget), head here.

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