Home Decor Ideas: Household Items That Took Off The Shelves In 2021

In 2020 and 2021, we all stayed more than ever at home and as a result we spent more time shopping for them. Stores across the United States have seen a double- or even triple-digit increase in sales of home goods. It makes sense: Houses and apartments were once a place where we spent a fraction of our lives, then suddenly they became our safe place to work, relax and socialize. Upgrades were needed and much appreciated. “The uncertainty and fatigue of the past year and its continuing effects have made things real so heartwarming, so meaningful ”, muse Robin Standefer, founder of RW Guild in New York.

Then there’s the influence of the ongoing pandemic real estate boom: as people scramble for places to, well, shelter in place, they suddenly find themselves with rooms to fill.

But what exactly did people buy? We decided to ask several retailers, large and small, what products are flying off their shelves.

Some common trends in interior design have emerged: comfort is paramount, as is improving outdoor spaces for safe summer gatherings. Mirrors continue to be trendy. People also want to discover and have fun with their own interior style: “We are seeing massive customer interest in some of our most unique products as people reinvent their spaces, move into new homes or continue. simply to add selected pieces to their collections, ”said Sara Khodja, CB2 Product Development Manager, Vogue.

Below are the interior design trends and items that are more popular than ever.

This summer we all breathed a sigh of relief and enjoyed the outdoors with more fun, more friends and more fun and it showed in what people collected. We saw people coming to Guild from all over and they were just crazy about the handmade dishes, glassware and linens in particular, but it didn’t stop there. Ceramics on all scales was part of a constant conversation. Tables, chairs, you name it. . . dinner was the center of the discussion. -Robin Standefer, founder of RW Guild

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Enzyme washed linen napkin

“Customers are going crazy about our beds, especially in the fun patterns and colors. From children’s bedrooms to guest rooms to master suites, America decorates and focuses on the centerpiece of the bedroom. -Danielle Walish, co-founder and creative director of Interior

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Botanical platform bed

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Pink striped platform bed

“We sold our oil-fired table lamps like crazy. They’re perfect for outdoor entertaining – they cast a flattering glow on any table, anywhere. Hand-pleated silk lampshades in wild colors are dressy and festive. that doesn’t mean everything has to be dull and woven! ” -Rebecca Gardner, founder of Houses and Parties

Image may contain: Lamp and Light
Image may contain: Lamp, Table Lamp and Lampshade

“The growing interest in wall mirrors is also a reflection, so to speak, of this seasonal movement towards light and bright interiors. Ettore Sottsass’s wavy ultrafrangola mirror, in bang-bang pink and more subtle white, continues to be trendy, as it doubles as a mirror and a work of art. The same goes for the Sea Girl figurative mirrors and Lipsticks designed for Seletti by the prank artists behind. Toilet paper magazine. Less outrageous, but just as sculptural, the FA 33 by Gio Ponti, which is popular in different sizes and finishes, and the organic-minimalist Tafla mirror by Zieta in polished stainless steel. -Anthony Barzilay Freund, 1stDibs Editorial Director and Director of Fine Arts

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Seletti “Sea Girl” wall mirror with gold frame by Toiletpaper

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Tafla O3 Stainless Steel Mirror by Zieta

Image may contain: Mirror

Ettore Sottsass Ultrafragola mirror

Image may contain: Mirror

“Our customers love the sofas, which allow them to create a comfortable space where they can meet with their family. Modular, relaxed and comfortable are the elements that resonate at the moment. -Cathy David, Chief Marketing Officer of Global market

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Gray Emmett modular sectional sofa

“This season’s high sales of items like our Nouveau floor mirror, our Pavo black marble double floor lamp and our surprising, or perhaps not-so-surprising Eva Bust range from utilitarian to sheer indulgence, all with a little flair. -Sara Khodja, Head of Product Development for CB2

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“The beloved collection of Bucket Stool saddles designed by Yvonne Mouser in Oakland, California and handcrafted by the Amish in Pennsylvania are so often rented or bought on ZZ Driggs, and for good reason. It’s a very useful collection, but designed for transport, which makes it perfectly suited to this state of flux that we all seem to be experiencing. -Whitney Frances Falk, Founder and CEO of ZZ Driggs

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Yvonne Mouser Bucket Stool

“What we’ve seen over the past year is a merging of demand for products that draw you to nature, whether it’s a natural material or a synthetic material, but which imitates the original. You see it in our Herbie side table, constructed from a cement composite base material with an applied finish that recreates the look of green onyx, or our Harleen table lamp, which uses a composite of cast marble in place of sculpted marble, making the piece lighter in weight while retaining the appeal of natural stone. –Terry Clayton, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Interiors

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Work-from-home products have been in high demand among Feather’s customers since the start of the pandemic, and the trend has not shown signs of abating. Customers love the elegance and functionality of this desk, plus the ability to switch spaces from time to time while they spend more time working from home. -Kendra Ovesen, vice president of merchandising for Feather

“With everything going on, bar items were an absolute must-have this summer. Artel’s Jungle pattern is an eternal bestseller, and it was particularly successful in this unexpected “mix and match” set.-Anna Brockway, co-founder and president of President

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Set of 6 Artel Jungle Deco cups

“Collections like Paul McCobb also resonate with our customers, from vintage connoisseurs to new enthusiasts. Reimagined pieces showcase our modern expression of the mid-century legend’s design. -Sara Khodja, CB2

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Paul McCob lounge chair model 1321

Paul McCob Boucle Office Chair Model 3002

This summer, our buyers seem to be saying: “Let there be light! Sales of wall sconces, table lamps and pendant lights are all on the rise this season. And many of these fixtures, like Studio Dunn’s Linden lamp, have white finishes, which liven up the mood even more. -Anthony Barzilay Freund, 1st Dibs

Linden table lamp with contemporary black linen shade

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Linden Table Lamp by Studio Dunn

“Since it was the Summer of outdoor gatherings, we were not surprised to see a great interest in outdoor games and entertainment venues. This set takes the family’s favorite cornhole game and makes it on trend. ” Anna Brockway, President

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Chairish x The Muddy Dog Scalloped Cornhole Board

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