Global eBay Home Decor Demand Turns Small Business Owners Into Global Businessmen

Small and medium-sized enterprises continue to be a driver of entrepreneurial efforts and the country’s economic growth, despite the fact that they often face unexpected and unprecedented challenges. Their determination, their unwavering faith, their willingness to explore and innovate have been at the center of their success story. But it also wouldn’t have been possible if e-commerce players like eBay hadn’t aligned with the Indian government’s vision of pushing MSMEs to join the online market amid the year-round decline in exports. last. Together, it has opened up a world of global business opportunities by identifying small businesses and district products, even in remote areas of the country, which can be promoted globally. In the last year or so, in particular,
Ecommerce, and eBay’s online marketplace in particular, has shaped it to become the preferred mode of sale for SMBs leveraging its reach, technology, payment services, logistics, customer engagement tools and digital advertising.

Home Decor: One of the Top Selling Categories on eBay

According to eBay’s India Small Business Trade 2021 report, small businesses are successfully exporting to an increasing number of states and union territories in specific product categories targeted by their decision makers for international customers. based on the US and UK markets. Interior design, for example, has become one of the top selling product categories on eBay. Small eBay-enabled businesses that are very successful in exporting items in this category come from remote areas of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and West Bengal.

Data suggests that up to 33% of small businesses on eBay export home decor products, and 16% of their exports are bedding related products delivered to customers in the US or UK.

Bedding is actually an export target for small businesses in Madhya Pradesh, with 67% of the state’s small businesses serving the US or UK export markets in that particular category, which indicates the strong international demand for these products. Besides home decor and furnishings, the maximum exports are in jewelry and watches, official and industrial affairs, health and beauty, clothing, footwear and accessories to a growing international audience in countries like states. – United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Germany.

Clearly, those who were ready to broaden their approach, rethink their business models, explore and adapt to the digital space have become
‘Sirf Local Nahi, International Sellers’. An example is that of Krishan Soni, founder of IndianCultura.

From a family business to a self-taught international businessman: the inspiring story of Krishan Soni

Spotlight on ET

At 17, Krishan joined his father’s business. Everything was going well for him until he met the love of his life and decided to marry her against the family’s wishes. Leaving behind a comfortable income from the family business, he left home to start a life with his partner from scratch. Without any financial or moral support, both found employment to earn money. He worked for 15 years before returning to an interior design products company. Today, he runs a successful foreign trade company, IndianCultura, which has shifted to Indian musical instruments and copper utensils for thousands of overseas customers.

Hear the incredible story of how this very passionate entrepreneur was able to turn it all around with his bold decision:

Inspiring? Last year Krishan even opened a warehouse in the United States with the support of eBay and is now eyeing the UK market. Let’s take a look at the life of another such entrepreneur, Ajay Swaroop Sharma, who also managed to export in this top performing home decor and furniture category on eBay as well.

From working in a BPO to becoming a global exporter of handmade Indian products: the inspiring story of Ajay Sharma

Ajay SharmaSpotlight on ET

Hailing from India’s pink city Jaipur, Ajay began his global B2C export journey with eBay with no inventory of his own. Initially, he focused on sourcing products at a fair price from wholesalers in order to generate a decent income. As he was dealing in a mixed category, revenues were slow in the first quarter of 2019. The eBay team helped Ajay streamline his offerings, speed up his decision making, and connect him with artisans to help him s ” source products directly from them. This further contributed to its profits as its procurement costs were reduced. With many of these ideas, his income and sales have multiplied.

Today, he sells to international consumers, employs a team of 8-10 people, and has expanded his operations, all through a combination of risk-taking, negotiation skills and foresight. “The eBay team helped me realize my dream of starting my business. By providing results-oriented market information, they have helped accelerate the growth of my business. Thanks to their cross-border platform, I was able to build a loyal consumer base from multiple geographies, ”he says.

Challenges are inevitably a part of a business’s journey, but those like Ajay and Krishan with humble beginnings who have been able to recognize the opportunity that exporting to retail (home decor) offers their local businesses. and rise above roadblocks, are known to the world today.

So yes, it is possible! If you feel inspired by these stories and want to adopt eBay’s cross-border e-commerce as a channel to become “Sirf Local Nahi, International Sellers”, click
and change the story of your small business.

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