‘Bridgerton’ Inspired Home Decor Ideas You Can Incorporate ASAP

Some interior designers have predicted that the minimalist style trend is giving way to a more is more approach to decorating your space – which is good news for fans of one of the latest binge-worthy shows, Netflix’s. Bridgerton. The Bridgertons and Featheringtons’ homes are just as delightful as the Soapy Show scandals, thanks to decorator Will Hughes-Jones and set decorator Gina Cromwell, and you can give them a stylish nod to your abode. with a key. Bridgerton-inspired decorating ideas that are easier to implement than you might think.

In a recent article with Architectural summaryHughes-Jones explained that the designs were primarily influenced by the Regency style popularized in England in the early 19th century (when the show was held). But just like the plot of any Shonda Rimes production, there is a twist. For example, the designer was also inspired by the films of Stanley Kubrick and Sofia Coppola Marie Antoinette, Leaning heavily in a pastel color palette (which is also achieved in her equally impeccable costume design).

Bridgerton’s sets are a feast for the eyes, but while you don’t want to go overboard in your own home, you can still incorporate some of its essence, whatever your current home style. Coming up, the creative team at Homes.com along with Eleanor Trepte, interior design specialist at Dekay and Tate, narrowed it down to six things that can help you emulate the style of the hugely popular show. from Netflix and make your space as romantic as the chemistry between Daphne and the Duke.

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Bridgerton Inspired Home Decor Ideas: Victorian Woodwork

The carved and ornate wood elements and accessories immediately caught the attention of Trepte, who suggested that those who don’t mind a more serious home project get the look by adding a set of French doors or crown molding. If you want something a little less permanent, try an antique frame mirror instead.

Bridgerton Inspired Home Decor Ideas: Neutral Pastels

“The walls at the Featherington Estate are almost only full of neutral pastels, which is also evident in the way they chose to dress for the Queen’s garden party,” said Trepte. “Pale blue, lilac, faded olive and cream create a simple yet elegant backdrop for the drama unfolding in their home.” To double the Bridgerton impact, try one of these hues in a floral wallpaper. Pick something that’s removable and / or only cover one accent wall if you’re someone who likes to change things up on a regular basis.

Bridgerton Inspired Home Decor Ideas: Armchair Furniture

For a more investment-worthy piece, Trepte suggests browsing vintage sites for armchair furniture, characterized by their carved wooden frames. “Daphne greeted the suitors sitting on armchairs and sofas,” she explains. To make yours even more show-inspired, shop for some silk textiles in delicate color palettes.

Bridgerton Inspired Home Decor Ideas: Metallic Embellishments

What could be more regal in an interior than metallic details? While a Regency style chandelier would be perfectly BridgertonInspired addition, Homes.com suggests that a more accessible way to achieve this effect is to swap out shiny new doorknobs or candle holders.

Bridgerton Inspired Home Decor Ideas: Spectacular Curtains

Hughes-Jones told AD that plush curtains are an important part of the design, so don’t neglect your windows when giving your home the Bridgerton processing.

Bridgerton Inspired Home Decor Ideas: Vintage Inspired Wall Art

A series-inspired home just wouldn’t be complete without epic wall art, but a huge Victorian portrait isn’t right for every home. A vintage still life painting or print, or even a personal photo of a loved one or pet, can instantly feel more Regency style with the addition of an embellished frame, according to Homes.com . And don’t overlook less obvious places for art, like your hallway or staircase.

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