Amazon Deal Of The Day: 8 Whimsical Home Decor Products You Need If You Think Normal Is Boring

Home decorating has become a thing these days. It’s all about class to amplify your home with pretty centerpieces and stylish artistic products to create a whole new ‘home’ experience. As the pandemic tied us to our homes, we found a new, deep love for our home. The need to vibrate it with our whimsical sense of aesthetics has become important. So here are 8 products from Amazon that are essential to redesign your home with a fun and quirky spirit and reject that boring atmosphere of normality.

Contemporary Clock

Still own that boring wall clock that shows the time but not the value of it? Well, check out this designer number that will inspire you to explore, ride and travel. This beautiful wall clock is made of wood which gives your wall a vintage look.

Price: Rs 2799

Offer: Rs 2140

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Human faces statue

This human face in three sets dipped in golden brass color is a nice addition to your home decor items. It adds simple and visual enjoyment to the home and is certainly a great filler for your empty shelves.


Price: Rs 2799

Offer: Rs 1199

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Remote support

If you are tired of misplacing your TV and AC remotes and spending hours looking for them, get this creative remote holder that is both useful and pretty to look at.


Price: Rs 599

Offer: Rs 445

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Fairy lights

A warm toned mini LED light is always an exciting choice of decorative lighting. Bumblebee lights are not only suitable for indoor bedroom, living room garland decor, but also can be used as outdoor garden decoration lighting.


Price: Rs 1499

Offer: Rs 385

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Hanging Glass Vase

This The handmade transparent vase can be placed with or without artificial flowers as a centerpiece to add a bohemian touch to your bedrooms or garden. It is also a great gift option.


Price: Rs 798

Offer: 399 Rs

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Original cushion

This colorful owl design pillow is a bouncy number that will suit your whimsical sense of aesthetics and add a fun touch to your living room.


Price: Rs 695

Offer: Rs 556

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Brass towel rack

Defining an antique-luxe vibe that is both creative in design and useful in functionality, this brass towel rack features a The Flying Horse, also known as the Pegasus, is a great home decor item.


Price: Rs 2495

Offer: Rs 1545

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Door sign

This wall door plaque comes with a funny quote and will make you smile on boring days.


Price: Rs 499

Offer: Rs 325

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Grab them all now and give your home a quirky twist!

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