Amazon Deal Of The Day: 7 decorative products to revamp your home

What if we told you that by simply adding a few products to your home, you can make it as comfortable and luxurious as a fancy hotel? Who doesn’t like a comfortable and luxurious stay in a hotel once in a while. The luxurious amenities of a hotel are perfect for helping you relax and take a break. What if you could have these amenities every day in your home? These 7 products available on today’s Amazon deal will spruce up your home and make you feel like you’re literally living in a fancy hotel room.

7 Best Products to Beautify Your Home on Amazon’s Deal of the Day:

Scroll down and take a look at these luxury products that will enhance your home.

1. Microfiber duvet

Don’t we all love those soft and cozy duvets in the hotel room? We’ve found the perfect duvet for your home that will give you that same hotel feeling. This soft, comfy and lightweight reversible double duvet feels like a warm hug on a chilly evening. It will give you a rich and luxurious feeling and protect you against allergens. Now you can wrap yourself in this cozy comforter and enjoy a great night’s sleep.

Price: Rs.1699

Bargain: Rs.1299

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2. Mattress topper

This mattress topper will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a soft, fluffy cloud. The protection of the hypoallergenic material will keep your mattress fresh to last the test of time. By adding a thickness of 2 inches in height, your mattress will be ultra soft. Down alternative filling provides the best performance.


Price: Rs.3800

Bargain: Rs.1449

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3. Lush Carpet

This rug will add an instant touch of hotel room grandeur to any room. This rug is made from a super soft polyester that offers one of the plushest feelings. This winter, get cozy with this soft and fluffy shag rug and you might just spend more time relaxing right on this rug! The modern style of this rug will also give your room a contemporary touch.


Price: Rs.5000

Deal: Rs.2599

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4. Soap dispenser assembly

This ceramic soap dispenser set will completely enhance the look of your bathroom and help you make a great impression. The set includes a liquid soap dispenser, a soap dish and a toothbrush holder that will enhance your bathroom decor and make it look like a hotel bathroom.


Price: Rs.1499

Bargain: Rs.1225

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5. Cotton towels

Get these luxuriously soft, fade-resistant 100% cotton towels if you want to feel like you’re in a spa every time you step out of the shower. These durable towels are made with pure, natural silver coated fibers that are ultra soft. Silvadur treatment technology penetrates the fibers of the towel to minimize odor and provide an unparalleled, long-lasting feeling of freshness.


Price: Rs.1250

Bargain: Rs.899

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6. Lamp

This lamp looks exactly like the ones found in hotel rooms. This sturdy metal base lamp with fabric shade brings a touch of class to your living space. Designed in a classic traditional style, this captivating metal table lamp is a great fixture to add a beautiful and natural element to any room. It diffuses a warm and soothing light, perfect for placing on your bedside table or your side table next to the sofa.


Price: Rs.1749

Deal: Rs.1099

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7. Shower head

Set your bathroom apart by opting for this square shower head as opposed to the usual round one. This shower head will give you a feeling of total luxury and make you feel like bathing every day in a five star hotel. It comes with upper and lower mirror surfaces that allow the rain showerhead to easily blend into the interior. It produces the best possible pressure even if your home has low water pressure.


Price: Rs.3050

Deal: Rs.999

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These super cool and luxurious products will enhance the look of your home and make it look more luxurious, just like a fancy hotel. Usually, these products are just too expensive, but on today’s Amazon deal, these products are available at amazing and super affordable prices. So grab them now before it’s too late.

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