Aesthetic home decorating ideas for people who want a cute and chic living space

Your home is not only your personal space, but also your comfort zone, your own photo shoot corner and your cozy corner. No matter the size of your home, some lovely home decor items are guaranteed to enhance the look of your home and make it more aesthetically pleasing. Even a small space can become the most beautiful home with the right items.

Aesthetic decoration ideas

1. Canopy

Now get rid of creepy critters and mosquitoes, while adding a cute vibe to your room with this mesh canopy. This round mesh awning will prevent mosquito bites by preventing mosquitoes from entering the canopy and it also provides ample ventilation inside the canopy making it extremely comfortable. To top it off, it will also give your bedroom a royal, vintage and romantic vibe.

Price: 619 rupees

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2. Weave in the swing and hammock

Believe it or not, swing sets aren’t just for the outdoors. Consider hanging one by the bed to play up the relaxed vibe of your bedroom and have a cozy place to read or in your living room to relax while you watch TV while munching on popcorn.


Price: 999 rupees

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3. Hermosa Ceramic Flower Vase

This flower vase will add an elegant ambiance to your bedroom or living room. It is made from high quality and eco-friendly materials. Durable, shatterproof ceramic never fades. Add fresh and beautiful flowers to the vase to enjoy a healthy life! When knocked down, it cannot be broken. Both sides and the bottom of the vase are well thought out, which is both light and sturdy, and so the flowerpot will not be knocked over easily.


Price: Rs.989

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4. Faux Brick Walls

Add a chic and rich look to your living room or bedroom with this brick pattern wallpaper. Made from soft PE foam, it is waterproof, moisture-proof and soundproof. It’s super easy to install since you just need to peel and stick the 3D adhesive wallpaper wherever you want. You can cut the sticker to fit any corner or socket.


Price: 249 rupees

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5. Light curtains

If you want to add an aesthetic look to your room, these string lights are all you need. These flexible copper wire lights are super light and easy to move and fold. They are battery powered and long lasting. You can use them on special occasions and even as a decoration for your room.


Price: Rs.1199

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6. Vanity mirror

This vanity mirror will give you a professional and clear look while you are doing your makeup. It is easy to install and convenient to use in any display situation. It comes with a small double-sided adhesive tape glued to the back (Average Strength Stickiness). These LED lights are attached to each other in parallel and have approximately 3 inch lead wires.


Price: 599 rupees

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7. Throw a blanket

Add this blanket to your living room chair or sofa for all those movie nights with your family or partner. If you are someone who needs to feel cuddly and cozy while watching a movie or just hanging out with your family, you must get this blanket for your couch. This blanket is made from high quality soft microfiber polyester and features cut polka dot pom poms.


Price: 699 rupees

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8. Hanging wooden shelf

There’s nothing better than a home decor item that not only looks nifty, but serves a great purpose as well. This floating shelf will give your living room an extremely artistic look, but will also give you space to display your centerpieces and artifacts. It will make your living room look neat and organized and is extremely durable as it is made from high quality material.


Price: 299 rupees

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These aesthetic decorating ideas are guaranteed to elevate the look of your home in no time.

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