5 home decorating ideas that can spruce up your small apartment

Small apartments have their own advantages – lower rent, proximity to bustling city centers and irreplaceable cozy charm. That is, assuming you know how to decorate.

No matter the size of your space, it can still look stylish whether you own or rent. Whether you’re starting out in a studio apartment or prefer a more minimalist lifestyle in your small Indian apartment, you don’t have to sacrifice style.

We’ve rounded up our 5 favorite decorating ideas for small spaces here to help you tackle yours.

1. Get Folding Coins

Due to the limited availability of space, you can opt for foldable furniture as it will take up less space and can be used smartly, helping to make the house look more spacious and decent. It comes in a variety of designs and styles that can suit your home decor. The type of furniture is lighter and is easier to move from place to place.

2. Focus on lighting

In small spaces, multiple light sources are preferable to a single central source. The multiple sources can be distributed so that the entire space is illuminated, without leaving dark corners. Therefore, it is best not to obstruct the path of natural light by eliminating unnecessary solid surfaces, such as partitions or screens.

mirror near the window

3. Mirrors for illusion

Mirrors can help make a room appear larger and more open. To create the illusion of depth, use a focal point and point your mirrors towards it. Installing a large mirror will draw the eye upward, instantly making the room more spacious. Placing a mirror near a window to reflect the outside world is particularly effective.

large rug

4. Choose a large rug

One large rug rather than several smaller rugs makes a room feel bigger. Although the texture of a rug is visually appealing, it can become overwhelming in a small space. Light-colored rugs make a room appear larger and brighter. To start, consider pale pastels, natural-looking neutrals, and off-white. Patterns, like texture, are visually appealing but quickly clutter up a space!

5. Get creative with unexpected seating

A small living room can make entertaining difficult, especially if a large sofa cannot be accommodated. Consider floor seating instead, which can be easily stowed away when not in use and provides additional seating for your guests when they come. A lower seat or sofa also creates the visual effect of higher ceilings.

With these renovation ideas, decorating a small apartment can definitely become easier.

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