5 handmade home decor products that will make a great gift option this festive season

Lohri, Sankranti, Pongal, the whole country is in party mode and this is the time when you can expect guests and close family friends to meet at home. To rejoice in the days of togetherness and celebrate the festival in the spirit of the holiday, it takes good food, great outfits and festive decorative items. We bring you 5 handpicked home decor products that are handmade to perfection. You can also use them as a gift for your loved ones on any special occasion.

Tanpura rosewood

The intricately handcrafted tanpura is an exquisite piece to own and this mini version works as an eye-catching centerpiece that goes well with your home’s antique décor. As a gift product, tanpura is considered a blessing that anyone who loves Indian music, crafts and art will love.

Price: Rs 800

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Male peacock wooden figurine

Showcase items are not only girl fillers that add beauty to your living space, but also tell a story of their own. The national bird, home peacock figurines symbolize status, wealth, energy and wisdom. This handmade piece is definitely a nice gift item.

wooden figure

Price: Rs 850

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Handmade tea coaster set

Tea coasters are a daily use product and this set of handmade wooden carved pieces clearly gives a rich and elegant look. These 6 pieces can aesthetically help your drinks to present on the table.


Price: Rs 1299

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Terracotta wall hanging

Exclusive Lane’s original handmade products are something every desi Indian wishes to own. This brightly colored terracotta wall owl is a fun piece to rock the festive spirit of the season and will grab your kids’ attention all the time.

wall hanging

Price: Rs 749

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Macrame wood wall shelf

This The vintage-inspired shelf adds the perfect touch of bohemian vibe to your room. Made from premium 100% recycled cotton rope, ethically sourced from Indian suppliers and sag wood planks, they are a sustainable and contemporary gift option. It is lightweight and has a smooth finish.

wall hanging

Price: Rs 439

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