12 decorating ideas to refresh your home without renovating it

Spending a lot of time at home has activated a dormant decorating gene in many of us – and we’ve got the shelves and Pinterest boards to prove it. Yet even the most Instagram-ready pieces can benefit from a reboot every now and then to bring new energy to familiar surroundings. Luckily for renters and those of us who don’t have the time, budget, or power tool prowess to do a full-scale renovation, there are plenty of home decor ideas that don’t have a demo to update. day your space which won’t leave a trace of dust behind and can be easily switched if you fancy another change soon.

Reorienting your furniture, sprucing up your walls, adding dramatic accents (minus any drilling), and drawing attention to unused areas can change the flow of a room and lead to a whole new look. Here, 12 easy ideas to help renew your living spaces.

Transform your walls

Install a mural (mobile)

This popular wall mural is easy to apply – it’s covered with an adhesive that adheres smoothly to your wall, then comes off in strips that won’t wash off your paint. Designed to cover 81 square feet, the botanical landscape brings a boring empty wall to life, whether in your bedroom or living room.

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Hang oversized artwork in pairs

Just changing the scale and symmetry of the artwork you’re displaying can dramatically change the feel of a room. Minted sells oversized prints in pairs, like this stunning set, as well as other independent artists that look great side by side.

Add a backsplash instantly

This sticker backsplash has garnered over 1000 reviews on Amazon for its ease of installation and durability. It has an adhesive and waterproof finish, and comes in 12 inch by 12 inch sheets that you can cut to size to create the look of tiles in your kitchen or bathroom.

Change the scene with mirrors

Floor mirrors reflect light into your space and also make any room bigger by creating the illusion of depth. Opt for a sinuous shape, which adds a visual touch and contrasts with the straight lines of the furniture and other rooms in your environment.

Change your lighting

Hang pluggable pendants in unexpected places

Pendant lights are gorgeous and help define a space, but can be tricky to set up on a whim. This plug-in version of George Oliver solves that problem with a loot hook so you can position it anywhere. Rather than placing the pendant lamp directly above a sofa or dining table, consider less obvious places, such as the corners of a room or near windows to create a reading or sleeping nook. relaxation.

Cast an atmospheric glow

Inexpensive spotlights work remarkably well for bathing your surroundings in soft tones that really change the mood of a room (and allow for great Instagram photos). The Balkwan spotlight is available in three different shades (sunset red, sky twilight and rainbow purple) and has a head that can be rotated 90 degrees for different lighting angles.

Conquer and divide interior spaces

Choose modular furniture that you can easily rearrange

This modular sofa is designed with pieces that can be joined or separated to create different seating arrangements, which can change the orientation and flow of your living room or family room without having to purchase multiple pieces of furniture.

Partition a room with bookcases

When you can’t put up walls or hang sliding doors, a two-sided bookcase is a creative, sculptural way to visually divide a room and create separate areas (for eating, sleeping, studying).

Cleverly conceal with room screens

Modem wires and cables, air conditioners, old heaters … a chic panel display hides what you don’t want to see in a room so you can focus on the most attractive aspects. While you can find many cheaper options, the West Elm Cecilia Tiered Room Divider is well made and sturdy, so it holds firmly in place and comes in a selection of beautiful fabrics.

Create a focal point with oversized greenery

Large potted plants and trees are eye-catching, which can make a small room appear larger and larger. Nearly Natural’s traveler palms stand up to eight and a half feet tall (see the giant version here) and look very lifelike, to the point that guests will ask you how often you need to water your plants.

Dress up your floors

Resurfacing with peelable and adhesive tiles

Redoing your floors can be a huge investment and a headache, but these peel and stick floor tiles are a smart alternative. Ideal for small spaces, like a bathroom, laundry room or entryway, the tiles are thick enough to hold up well over time and are easy to cut and install, earning them over 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Stencil your floors

Of all the pandemic home projects that have populated Instagram, here is one that doesn’t require professional skills and can be done on a weekend: stenciling your tiles or floors adds a geometric accent that elevates your surroundings. This graphic design has been purchased over 75,000 times on Etsy and gets high marks for being versatile enough to use on everything from kitchen floors to stair surfaces.

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