10 fall home decor ideas from the pros

Refresh the aesthetics of your home. Grab a pumpkin-spiced latte and get out your sweaters: fall is officially (and finally) here. His…

Refresh the aesthetics of your home.

Grab a pumpkin-spiced latte and get out your sweaters: fall is officially (and finally) here. It’s time for cooler weather, falling leaves and football – and if you ask the interior design professionals, change the decor of your home too. Have you refreshed the aesthetics of your home since the start of the season? Otherwise, read on for 10 pro-approved ways to do it.

Go natural.

Bringing in natural produce — especially ones you’ve harvested or grown yourself — is a great way to ring in the fall. As Lee Crowder, national director of design and model experience at homebuilder Taylor Morrison, explains, “I love decorating with natural products. Some of my favorites are pumpkins and potted plants, which last long into the fall. Try decorating your home’s entryway or dining room tablescape with natural pumpkins, which you can then compost when you’re done and add to your garden soil. Crowder recommends buying green and white pumpkins — both for a trendy pop and to stay in shape. “Greens and whites are incredibly trendy, and I associate them with potato vine and ferns,” she says. “They will last until December.”

Let there be light.

In the fall, the days get shorter and natural light begins to wane, making it the perfect time to change up your lighting, both indoors and out. “With natural light disappearing earlier in the fall months, it’s nice to bring in dim lighting to draw people into a space and help it feel cozy,” says Amber Dunford, style director at Overstock.com. “String lighting transitions well from dusk to night and sets the right mood for a gathering space. Lanterns and candles can also be a good way to bring in a source of light, and they provide a warm flicker where humans are instinctively drawn to it. Don’t forget the porch. According to Crowder, this can be a great place to add lighting and a bit of extra punch. “I love pairing pumpkins on my porch with large open lanterns “, says Crowder. “Instead of having candles, try a solar-powered or battery-powered candle. It gives you a great flickering candle aesthetic, but lights automatically and is heat resistant, so you don’t even have to think about it.

Change your textures and fabrics.

Summer is all about light and airy fabrics, and your decor should reflect that. As you enter the cooler seasons, the pros say it’s time for a warmer, cozier touch. “Emphasize chunky blankets and other heavier down items,” says Diana Hathaway, interior designer at Diana Hathaway Home. “Stuffed pillows, fluffy blankets, and candles in natural textures like birch and linen are easy ways to update your home for fall.” Textured fabrics can pair particularly well with a fall aesthetic. If you’re not sure which one to choose, Farah Merhi, CEO of Inspire Me Home Decor, recommends the loop – a type of woven fabric that’s very trendy these days. “The #1 trend I see from an upholstery perspective is loop,” says Merhi, who shares her design ideas with 7.5 million followers on her Instagram account, @Inspire_Me_Home_Decor. “It can be easily incorporated into everything from accent pillows to accent chairs. I also love that this fabric is so versatile. You can make it glamorous, casual or anything in between.

Bring the outside in.

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to find great home decor, especially in the fall. Designers say heading to your own backyard can be a great way to find nods to the season. “An economical way to bring the fall into your home is to forage in your outdoor environment and bring some nature indoors – branches from your garden, cuttings from your trees,” says Jade. Joyner, co-founder of interior design firm Metal + Petal in Athens, Georgia. Julia Longchamps, founder of Julia Longchamps Design in Maryland, recommends taking a “nature walk” and seeing what speaks to you. “I love cutting off the color-changing branches and putting them in a beautiful vase,” says Longchamps. “Dried hydrangeas and grass are great because they bring warm browns into your home and will stay that way forever – all at no cost to you.”

Warm up your color scheme.

Cool blues and bright whites might work in the summer, but they definitely don’t go with the fall. According to Chloe Hughes, editor of design magazine Foter, this season is all about earth tones. “Add textured fabrics such as blankets or pillows in rich colors like brown, red or orange,” says Hughes. “Another approach is to focus on natural materials and a neutral color palette with an accent fall color. This can be achieved by incorporating pieces of wood, stone, or other organic materials, then perhaps consider painting a feature wall that reflects fall colors, such as dark red or orange. It creates a focal point in your room and adds seasonal color to your space.

Get ready for outdoor entertaining.

As the weather gets colder, you might be planning a get-together in your backyard — maybe a movie night on the projector or a barbecue with your neighbors. Whatever the plan, you can set the scene with a few well-placed cozy touches. “To make the most of your outdoor spaces just before a cold winter season, pull out some fluffy blankets and warm decorative pillows for lounging in the open air,” says Yasmine El Sanyoura, interior designer for Opendoor. “If you’re looking to make the space cozier, hang some string lights and add a few lanterns to warm up the space. If your budget allows, I recommend adding a portable fire pit as a way to search for a little more time. outside.

Paint your front door.

One eye-catching way to change up your color palette is to paint your front door. “When family and friends visit your home for holiday gatherings, the front door is their first impression,” says Paula Blankenship, Founder and President of Heirloom Traditions Paint. “Having a pop of color can leave a lasting impression and can wow your guests as they walk into your home.” When it comes to hues, earth tones are always a smart choice in the fall, or choose something with a little more contrast. “My gut instinct is for dark green because of its contrast to how the leaves change with the season,” says Jessica Harris, Production Design Manager at Living Spaces Furniture. “I also feel connected to brown, either a paint treatment or stain to add warmth and earth. Both colors add depth and mood. They also both act as a great neutral and can be layered with a wreath or greenery.

Create layers.

Layering is another great way to make a space cozier, especially when the weather turns cold. This can mean layering blankets on your bed, making sure to mix fabrics, textures and hues, or layering throw pillows and other accents on your sofa, chair or window seat. According to Joyner, you can even look down to the ground for opportunities. “I layer my rugs, which creates a lot of depth and warmth in my space,” she says.

Change your table decor.

Creating a new nature-inspired centerpiece is one strategy for bringing your kitchen into the fall. For this, dried flowers can be an option. “It’s a perfect way to add a natural element to your home without breaking the bank,” says Joyner. “These low-maintenance flower arrangements are perfect if you have a garden with seasonal blooms. Once it’s time to prune, pick your flowers of choice and prepare to dry them. If you prefer to skip the drying process yourself, you can buy pre-dried flowers from your local florist. You can also buy fall-themed wrapping paper to update your tablescape. Crowder recommends cutting it and use it as table runners or placemats.”Using something like wrapping paper or wallpaper allows for a little more flexibility and creativity,” says Crowder. use, and if it goes bad or someone spills it, you can add a little more and it’s not something you have to store or even love forever.”

Update your gallery wall.

If you have a gallery wall, a new season is the perfect time to update it. You can add new family photos (maybe from that Thanksgiving football game last year) or update them with seasonal artwork. “Instead of keeping the static photos which are more traditional, maybe you can switch up the art in the frames with a fun Halloween or fall print or some fun mementos from past holidays,” Crowder says. If you’re on a budget, you can look to thrift stores for affordable art. Wallpaper and wrapping paper are also options, and El Sanyoura says you can even download prints from the web to hang. “Find downloadable artwork with rich earth tones to replace the art you already have framed in your home,” she says. “Earth tones are warm and inviting, making them perfect when temperatures drop.”

Here are 10 fall decorating ideas from the pros:

– Be natural.

– Let there be light.

— Change your textures and fabrics.

— Bring in the outside.

— Warm up your color scheme.

– Prepare for outdoor entertaining.

— Paint your front door.

— Create layers.

— Change your table setting.

— Update your gallery wall.

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